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Paragon Commercial Group LLC_Final.png

"This friction in the retail space is creating vacancy and availability and opportunity."

Jim Dillavou, Principal and Co-Owner


Paragon prides itself on its ability to move quickly through the acquisition process. From site identification and due diligence until closing, our team is structured to provide a smooth and efficient process. Paragon’s  ability to leverage strategic lender relationships or close transactions on an all cash basis provides a competitive marketplace advantage and is attractive to our tenants and investors.


Asset Management

Paragon is one of the preeminent development firms in the retail development community. Paragon’s track record of thoughtful planning, effective implementation and rigorous asset management has created a legacy of quality projects with quality tenants that constituents are proud to have in their communities. Paragon’s hands-on asset management is designed to efficiently execute value-add opportunities while proactively identifying and addressing asset level issues early, quickly and fairly.

"At Paragon, people and process are key." First Republic Bank 


Paragon's long term success is a result of the strength of their partnerships with property management groups and the local brokerage community. Strong partnerships allows us to seamlessly communicate internally to respond and meet the needs of our tenants and investors. With a team of seasoned professionals we are able to efficiently manage assets in a first class manner while building durable value at the property level.

Community Responsibility

The Paragon principals have successfully developed numerous retail assets from the ground up and we continually strive to identify and develop retail that enhances our neighborhoods and communities. We view municipalities, tenants and sellers as our clients and strive to exceed expectations with each group throughout the development process. 

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